New EastWest Hollywood Solo Instruments for Composer Cloud Subscribers

Hollywood Solo Harp Gold and Diamond now available for subscribers - Solo Cello and Solo Violin to follow

Hollywood, CA - EastWest, the industry leader in virtual instruments, has announced a new series of Hollywood Solo Instruments: Hollywood Harp, Hollywood Solo Cello, and Hollywood Solo Violin.

Hollywood Harp is now available in Composer Cloud. Hollywood Solo Cello will be released in December and Hollywood Solo Violin in February 2016. While only Composer Cloud subscribers will have access to these new instruments initially, all three Solo instruments will be available for purchase as a complete set for non-subscribers in 2016.

These highly detailed Hollywood Solo Instruments were produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, and engineered by Shawn Murphy, resulting in a superior level of sound quality for which the EastWest brand is known. Each instrument was recorded with a wide variety of articulations, and all recordings took place in Studio 1 at EastWest Studios, where Hollywood Orchestra was recorded, giving the libraries a consistent sound and ambience.

The Hollywood Solo Instruments are designed to be used with the Hollywood Orchestra series, which emulates a traditional large studio orchestra.

Hollywood Solo Harp contains all of the complex articulations of which a harp is capable, and the instrument files are organized in three categories: Maestro, Individual Articulations, and FX.

  • The Maestro folder contains 'combo' instruments that are made up of multiple articulations, and the included KS Master instrument allows the user to select between articulations using keyswitches located outside of the instrument range.

  • The Individual Articulation folder contains instruments that are made up of a single articulation. They are programmed with multiple dynamic layers that are sensitive to MIDI Velocity.

  • The FX folder include special effects and glissando performances with single sample mapped to each note.

"With the release of the Hollywood Solo Instruments, we will have added $1,200 worth of new products to Composer Cloud since launch just six months ago," says EastWest Producer Doug Rogers. "Considering that you get all of the instruments we've ever made, plus the new products that we'll add in 2016, subscriptions to Composer Cloud are the most cost-effective way to get access to a huge variety of high-quality instruments."

The monthly subscription fee to Composer Cloud is $29.99 ($14.99 for students), which is a far better value than purchasing EastWest instruments individually.

To learn more about the new Hollywood Solo Instruments series, Composer Cloud, and Composer Cloud Plus, please visit

About EastWest EastWest has been dedicated to perpetual innovation and uncompromising quality of Sample Libraries and Virtual Instruments for 27 years, setting the industry standard as the most critically acclaimed soundware developer. More about EASTWEST at, on Facebook and Twitter @eastwestsounds

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