Hybrid Studios Interviews Musician, Producer, Engineer Mike Willson

Hybrid Studios, Orange County’s premier recording studio and sound stage, recently interviewed client Mike Willson. When asked if being a musician lends any specific advantages to the field of production and engineering, Willson responded:

“Absolutely! It really helps with communicating and understanding what the artists are trying to accomplish musically, and it helps in working with them to get all of their ideas out and recorded the way they want to hear them. Being a musician helps a lot with the business side as well. I know what it's like to fund your own record, and I never want an artist's budget concerns to prevent good music from getting properly recorded and produced. I always want my clients to understand that I'm in three bands; I'm playing local shows, and I’m trying to get our music out there as well. I know what it's like out there, and I want to help bands put out the record they want.”

Read the full interview at: http://www.hybridstudiosca.com/blog/84-client-spotlight-w-mike-wilson.

Mike Willson is a self-taught musician, engineer, and producer based out of Orange County, CA. Mike owns and operates MAPS (Music and Arts Production Studio) in Huntington Beach, where he strives to bring the music community together and make amazing records. Mike is also the drummer in Big Monsta, Gardeners Logic, and Shape Pitaki. He has a degree from Cal State Long Beach in English Education, was a part of the Academy for Performing Arts at Huntington Beach High School, and still works closely with the program to develop young musicians in Orange County.

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