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Hal Leonard Publishes DJ Lighting Video Training Course

Certified Ableton trainer and electronic performing artist Josh Bess authors DJ lighting with MIDI tutorial on

Montclair, NJ – The first video training course of the recently announced partnership between Hal Leonard and Groove3 is now available for download at LIVE DJ TECH - CONTROLLING LIGHTING AND VISUAL EFFECTS WITH MIDI. Certified Ableton trainer and performing artist Josh Bess has produced an easy-to-understand tutorial series covering live performance and music production.

In the first course of Hal Leonard’s renowned Music Pro Guide series, Josh Bess explains how to setup and control a professional lighting rig within Ableton Live. Although Bess uses Ableton Live to demonstrate concepts in the video, the information and principles are applicable to other software-based programs and DAWs. The course covers getting started with MIDI, DMX, Ableton Live, and more, along with demonstrating advanced tips and tricks to apply live visual lighting to a live performance.


  • 61 minutes of instruction, broken up in 18 easily digestible videos

  • For beginner, intermediate, and advanced Ableton Live users and DMX Lighting users

  • Can be used with other software programs (besides Ableton Live)

  • Live performance demonstration

  • Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC

  • Watch online, download, stream to iPad, iPhone & iPod

Josh Bess is an active member of the worldwide electronic music community. He lives in Tokyo, Japan, where he regularly does the lighting for large events and artists in Tokyo’s biggest EDM club, Sound Museum Vision. “I came to Japan to perform, and I ended up teaching people in the clubs how to make that kind of music. I really enjoy being part of this community and sharing my knowledge,” he says. Bess also teaches at the infamous DJ school Dubspot in New York City, he hosts the Dubspot International Events in Japan, and he releases his own music on Beatport, all of which qualifies him as an excellent trainer.

“I am particularly proud of this first course, LIVE DJ TECH - CONTROLLING LIGHTING AND VISUAL EFFECTS WITH MIDI. Most people don’t realize that they can easily generate visual effects from their DAW, and it’s actually not difficult,” he adds. “Anybody can do this. This is the main reason for my video series: the idea that you can release professional music or play at large clubs with this knowledge provided by somebody who is actually doing these things, and who is creating them from the same environment as the person watching this video in their home.”

Other Music Pro Guides in the DJing series - to be released later this year:

  • DJing with Ableton Live

  • Advanced DJing with Ableton Live

  • Creating Acoustic Drums Grooves in Ableton Live - Rock, Dance, Funk, R&B, Jazz, World, and more

  • Creating Electronic Drum Grooves - House, Techno, Breakbeat, World, and more

For more information, please visit - the course is available for download for $30.00, or to be streamed as part of the $15/month All-Access pass at

About the Author:

JOSH BESS is a percussionist, electronic performing artist, and Ableton Certified Trainer. Performing with multiple artists and employing a wide variety of styles, he is experienced in jazz, funk, Latin, pop, rock, and more. In addition to performing, Bess developed an interest in music production and went on to earn his college degree in audio engineering and jazz commercial performance. He has fused his knowledge and his ear for audio production with his percussive background to develop an efficient and creative electronic workflow—a combination that he regularly puts to work in his compositions and live performances. For more information, visit

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