iZotope Ozone 6 Reviewed in Australia

Audio Technology Magazine, a leading music production publication in Australia, has reviewed iZotope's Ozone 6 Advanced Mastering Suite. Writer William Bowden says:

"So to sum up there are many things to like in Ozone 6 Advanced. Apart from the main additions, there are funny little hidden quirks like a parameter randomiser — the kind of thing more at home in a virtual synth for people who need an oblique strategy every so often. You also can use Ozone 6 as a standalone app and have basic fade in and fade out control of a wave-file appearing at the top of the window (or several wave-files which you can tab between). It’s a useful mode of operation that draws your focus to the mastering process, and you’re not short-changed, especially now you can integrate other plug-ins directly into the Ozone workflow. There’s also a function which auto detects various changes in song structure and maps these as regions you can jump to — works like a charm."

Read the full review online.

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