AudioMedia Magazine Reviews iZotope RX 4

Audiomedia's Simon Allen takes an in-depth look at iZotope's new audio repair and restoration software suite in the December issue.

"What I love about RX 4 is the way that iZotope has utilised its very powerful and impressive sounding DSP in further useful and creative ways. iZotope fully understands the success that was RX 3, and have further exploited the possibilities of their algorithms that are helpful and inspiring. The new tools have further enhanced what can be achieved with troublesome audio. RX 3 cut production time by sometimes avoiding the need to re-record, or time consuming and expensive ADR sessions. RX 4 has now saved the time we spend in RX through its improved efficiency. These are a great set of new features and the whole package is more refined and sophisticated."

Read the full review here.


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