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POST Magazine Reviews iZotope RX 4

POST Magazine contributor Erik Vlietinck reviews iZotope's new RX 4 and RX 4 Advanced in the November issue. An exceprt from the review reads:

"Of course, the modules that were already time-savers in RX 3 are still there. Dialogue Denoiser, for example, is now available in both RX 4 and RX 4 Ad-vanced. I’m still amazed by how accurate the automatic Dialogue Denoiser is. You can fine-tune by having the Dialogue Denoiser learn and then adjust the levels yourself, but it’s rarely ever needed.

That, by the way, is the reason why iZotope RX 3 and now RX 4 have such an appeal to professional sound engineers as well as semi-pros — the ability to automate pretty much every aspect of correcting audio and still return home with a good result."

See the review online here or in print here.


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