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Gitaar Plus reviews a pair of Hal Leonard titles

Gitaar Plus, a leading music magazine in the Netherlands, has recently reviewed two Hal Leonard book titles: Modern Guitar Rigs, by Scott Kahn, and The Bass Handbook, by Adrian Ashton.

Modern Guitar Rigs (read full review in Dutch):

"You realize immediately that the man [Scott Kahn] has a lot of practical experience. Every chapter teems with thoughtful tips that will save you a lot of time and money... I read it in one evening, and now I use it to research relevant topics. Reading is easy. Scott Kahn is a technician and musician who very clearly tells his story."

The Bass Handbook (read full review in Dutch):

"This book is smooth to read and it all makes sense, but what's more is that it inspires you to take your bass and participate in the excersizes. That's a really smart component."

"In addition to the biographies of our heroes, he [Adrian Ashton] suggests some of their work and recommends what to listen to."

"The photography is fantastic. Some basses, which are exceptional, are beautifully portrayed. The variation in color and black/white makes it very nice book. Once you start reading, it's difficult to stop. The opinions on instruments, amps and accessories make this work exciting. The same is true for the many exercises, both in writing and on the enclosed CD. 96 tracks contain not only exercises, but also music that you can play over it. The examples are very instructive."


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