KEYS finds BreakTweaker “a high-performance specialist”

Keys tested iZotope’s and BT’s BreakTweaker and says it’s a drum machine that friends of experimental beats will love!

Read the full review in German here Keys_June2014_BreakTweaker, or refer to the translated excerpts below.

“Sound and Application"

BreakTweaker is first of all a great sounding Drum synthesizer/sample player that presents a good alternative to the competition thanks to the Wavetable Oscillator, Dual Distortion and Multi-Mode Filter. Truly unique is the sequencer and the MicroEdit function. The latter clearly targets styles like Dubstep, Trap, IDM or Glitch. But applied carefully you can also freshen up Dance tracks with it and even chart songs.

A useful function is the individual track lengths in BreakTweaker. Polyrhythmic experiments are especially suited for Percussion and Hi-hat. Since BreakTweaker patterns are triggered by MIDI notes, such beats can be brought back to a common “One” at anytime. The CPU requirements depend on the number of the layers in the Generator and the use of MicroEdit. Six tracks can bring older computers to their limits, so your CPU should have enough reserves.

Summary: BreakTweaker is not meant to be used as a drum machine on its own because of the limited number of tracks and the specific orientation, but rather as a high-performance complementary tool for contemporary beats. I see the target market of producers and beat crafters in the progressive realm with a tendency towards finicky rhythms and effect tricks. The included sample library contains mostly synthetic sounds for contemporary music styles. Albeit not necessarily inexpensive at close to EUR 200, BreakTweaker is a high-performance specialist.”

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