Roswell Branding Campaign

The following is a branding campaign for Roswell Pro Audio. The concepts are designed as half-page print ads but are intended to be the basis of many creative branding materials like home page slides, social media ads, banner ads, email campaigns, marketing collateral, trade show graphics and more.


1. Establish Roswell a brand identity that plays off of the name/theme in a dramatic, but professional way

2. Use graphics that reinforce the theme and attract attention - "page stopper"

3. Promote Roswell's experience and credibility in pro audio

4. Promote the quality of the products

Product Family - Brand:


The first ad is a family ad that establishes the brand and the products.

The idea here is to start to tell the story of Matt's background and the story of Roswell. The text is in that direction but will need tweaking to say more or get specific if you want about and

The graphic in this first one is subtle "space/sci-fi" branding that lets the mics take the forefront.

I've been toying with the headline "Science. Not Fiction." or "Science (non) Fiction." It's an obvious play but I think it fits the messaging and works with the theme in clever way.

(You can click on the ads to enlarge them)


This next one is the same ad with a subtle move toward the alien theme...




The Colares ad takes cues from the descriptive text on the website and plays up color, excitement, etc.

The graphic is a burst of color to stop people to look, goes nicely with the coloration descriptor of the mic and its actual color as well. The deep space theme is in keeping with the campaign theme.

The headline is just OK in my opinion. The sentiment is there, but maybe we can make it better.

Text is descriptive and restates the "story".


Same ad with two more background variations...


Mini K47:


Ok, so I know you said no "little green men", but I was just playing around and when I saw this come together, I just couldn't resist! 

The graphic in the first one is certainly a page stopper. It's a bit of fun although it looks frickin' badass!

Back to the "Science. Not Fiction." headline here - really works well on this one.

Text is descriptive and restates the "story".


Here is one with a similar look, sans alien.


And a combination of these two that juxtaposes the science and the fiction. I kind of like how this one gives you a lot to absorb...


Some more benign options for good measure...




This idea here is that Delphos is for critical applications that require transparency and accuracy.

The goal of the graphic and text is to portray a sense of "mission" and reliability; get the job done, while keeping with the overall theme.


Banner Campaign Ideas - "A Better Way":


Banner Campaign Ideas - Pro Audio Files (click for full size):

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 8.02.04 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 12.42.49
Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 12.41.28
Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 12.39.15