October 20, 2017

Brandon T. Hickey takes the new Soundelux USA U99 for a test drive for Mix Magazine:

"Altogether, this microphone is the ulti- mate studio workhorse. It always produces a great-sounding recording and never gets subbed out once it goes up. It’s obviously a lot more a ordable than a vintage U67, and won’t give you that same fear or apprehen- sion when it comes out of the locker. With all of its settings, it also provides a much wider range...

September 11, 2017

From the September 2017 issue of Pro Sound News Magazine:

"Beautifully built in the spirit of the classic Neumann U67 to David Bock’s specifications, the Sounde- lux USA U99 tube condenser microphone ($2,599 street) is one of the finest microphones being man- ufactured today at any price."

"The Soundelux USA U99 is an impressive microphone. Regardless of your mic locker’s size, it’s worth a serious look as this is no doubt going to be one...

August 15, 2017

"The Soundelux U195 mic is fantastic, especially considering its $1,250 price point which, although not cheap, is a fraction of what a U87 would cost. Like the U87, its sound is flattering across the vast majority of sources, and anyone looking to up their game with a flexible all-purpose FET LDC would do well to check it out."

Read full review here.

March 29, 2017

The March issue of Recording Magazine features a NAMM roundup that includes the new Cloudlifter Zi and the Soundelux U99, which were exhibited at the show.

See Cloud coverage here.

See Soundelux Coverage here.

March 20, 2017

The new Soudelux USA U195 condenser microphone is reviewed in the March issue of Sound on Sound Magazine:

"Overall then the mic lives up to its ‘all-rounder’ remit and delivers quality results in all cases. The usual caveat applies when buying a mic for your own voice (try many and see what sounds right for you), but as a general-purpose studio mic the U195 has a lot going for it. There are many competitors vying for your cash around thi...

March 1, 2017

The Soundelux USA U195, built by Bock Audio, is reviewed in the March issue of Spanish-language music magazine Musico Pro.

See review here.

January 31, 2017

Phil O'Keefe puts the new Soundelux USA U195 microphones through its paces for a Harmony Central expert review:

"As with its predecessors, the U195 is a great choice to put in front of a kick drum, and bass and guitar amps are a natural too. It can work very well on vocals, as well as on acoustic guitars, hand percussion...lots of sounds, really. I didn't have the opportunity to try it on sax or trombone, but I suspect it would be an exc...

January 19, 2017

Brings “The Sound of Tomorrow” to musicians, engineers, & producers today

Anaheim, CA – NAMM Booth #6799A - Inspired by the original “Sound of Tomorrow 67”, Soundelux USA announces the U99 multi-pattern tube microphone; a versatile, high-quality workhorse mic that rises to any task a studio can throw at it.

Featuring a k67 dual symmetrical backplate dual membrane capsule along with the signature Soundelux USA “fat” switch featured on the...

December 5, 2016

Music Marcom set up a contest in the December issue of Sound on Sound Magazine featuring the Soundelux U196 Microphone.

See contest here.

September 28, 2016

Receives TEC Award Nomination for its quality, versatility and value

AES, Los Angeles – Soundelux USA has released the U195 cardioid fet P48 microphone. Based on the original Soundelux U195 in production from 1996-2006, and the Bock 195 in production from 2007-2014, the Soundelux USA U195 features a new improved k67 capsule while maintaining the famously innovative “FAT” switch low-frequency control and it's unparalleled massive output t...

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