February 24, 2015

German audio production magazine Professional Audio reviews Eisenberg Audio's new soft-synth VIER, a software emulation of the legendary Doepfer MS-404.


See full review here.



February 16, 2015

Music Connection Magazine announces product by three Music Marcom clients in the February issue: The iPad in the Music Studio, written by Thomas Rudolph and Voncent Leonard and published by Hal Leonard Books, iZotope's new Ozone 6 Mastering Suite, and VIER, a new soft-synth by Eisenberg Audio.


See Hal Leonard Annoucement here.


See iZotope and Eisenberg Announcement here.



February 3, 2015

Stuart Bruce investigates German soft-synth maker Eisenberg's new instrument, VIER, for FutureMusic Magazine:


"The Vier is certainly a great addition to the sonic armory as it has a truly individual sound and, with the addition of pan and level controls, it could well become a classic."


Read the full review here. 



December 9, 2014

Martin Nessi tested German software devloper Eisenberg Audio's new software emulation of the famed Doepfer MS-404, or as they call it: Vier, for Spanish language magazine Musico Pro.


See the full review here.



November 29, 2014

Electronic Musician announces VIER, a new software synthesizer emulation of the famed Doepfer MS-404 by German company Esienberg Audio.


"Analysis: With four synth modules on the screen and a host of marco controls, Vier is more than a one-to-one virtual version of Doepfer's mono rack synth."


See announcement here.



November 25, 2014

Franch magazine KR Home-Studio has reviewed German software maker Eisenberg's latest offering, VIER, a software emulation of the Doepfer MS-404.


"VIER is an instrument with many possiblities and should have a place in the virtual setup of a computer musician. It can also serve as a basic learning tool for synthesizing."


See full review here.



October 25, 2014

"Eisenberg's new synthesiser plugin for PC and Mac models the Doepfer MS-404, which itself is said to ape Roland's TB-303, making Vier something of a meta-emulation. The German developer of Einklang has gone further, though, giving your four such units stuffed into one plugin."


Read the review here.



September 3, 2014

A new emulation of the venerable Doepfer MS-404 - the vibe of classic hardware with all the features of modern software


Berlin, Germany (September 3, 2014) – Eisenberg Audio, a German audio software developer, has released a new software synthesizer: VIER, which means ‘four’ in German, emulates the Doepfer MS-404, a famous monophonic analogue synthesizer from the 1990s. Today, the now vintage MS-404 is not only known to synthesizer insi...

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