Sweetwater Broke a World Record!

Sweetwater and YouTube Musician Rob Scallon went out to make the World's Largest Pedalboard and they succeeded! 319 pedals, several days of work and a fantastic crew of experts, and voila: the GUINESS WORLD RECORD was achieved! #officiallyamazing This was also a marketing strike of genius: After the filming of the-making-of the Largest Pedalboard in the World, they sent the individual boards to influencers all over the country for them to try out "a piece of history" which resulted in more video coverage and more participation in the accompanying Sweetwater give-away. They enlisted major guitar publications and the most prominent guitar podcasters to report about the amazing feat. Music Marc

EastWest Hollywood Pop Brass delivers like a real horn section!

Harmony Central's expert Russ Loeffler tried his luck with Hollywood Pop Brass and tells us: "If you’re looking for a horn section that can deliver pop brass sounds without the expense and logistics of a real horn section, you can’t do better than Hollywood Pop Brass. This sound library will change the way you use horns as part of your compositions and music productions. You won’t hesitate to move this horn section to the front of the mix." Read the full review here.

EastWest Hollywood Pop Brass: The Perfect Package

Jacko at MusicNation enjoyed working with EW HW Pop Brass. He tells us: "Hollywood Pop Brass picks up where traditional orchestral libraries fall short, by delivering convincing and dynamic live brass band performances with great-sounding recordings. The perfect package, really." Read the full review here

Amazona.de tests EastWest's powerful Voices of Opera

Amazona.de's Raphael Tschernuth checks out EastWest's Voices of Opera. His expert opinion: "You now have everything you need if you want to produce the next Italo hymn” and "Eastwest Voices of Opera’s excellent sound leads to immediate satisfaction. Pretty quickly, you can get good, realistic sounding results, especially with the Soprano Legato patches.”“I know of no other software that covers the opera field with this enormous variety of samples. The sound quality is extremely high, and with the sustain, staccato and legato patches you can quickly get good results.” Read the full review here.

Amazona.de Reviews EastWest Hollywood Pop Brass

Selcuk Torun checked out EastWest's new virtual instrument Hollywood Brass and says: “Six folders contain everything you need for a pop / funk arrangement. From sustain patches to licks and phrasing. The sound is exactly what you want for this genre of music. You can embed patches really easily and fast in an arrangement and play them.” “Eastwest Pop Brass is very easy to use and you get exactly the sound you need in this genre.” Read the full review here.

Pro Sound Effects Releases The Odyssey Collection: Foley Effects

Available Now - Exclusive library of everyday sounds from two Academy Award®-winners. BROOKLYN, NY (AUGUST 13, 2019): Pro Sound Effects®, the next level sound effects library company, today released The Odyssey Collection: Foley Effects – the newest exclusive sound library from their partnership with Academy Award®-winning sound editors Mark Mangini (Blade Runner 2049, Mad Max: Fury Road) and Richard L. Anderson (Batman Returns, Edward Scissorhands). Odyssey Foley Effects provides clean, natural recordings of everyday actions for seamless integration into your projects. With over 4,500 sounds, this collection features a huge variety of props, footsteps, surfaces, and variations of each sound

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