Amazona Recommends Parallax

"If you consider Drumsound & Bassline Smith's Parallax as a collection of solid Drum & Bass-Bass samples and patches, which are also usable elsewhere, with a clear and functional editing surface on top, you'll find the current price of 50 British pounds fair because Drumsound & Bassline Smith Parallax sounds really good." Read the full review here.

Music Nation finds EastWest Voices of Soul "charismatic"

"In an increasingly busy market, EastWest has produced a simple yet charismatic and playable instrument that will no doubt offer a wide appeal to producers in all genres. The clever balance of playable legato and sustains with the static phrase selection allows plenty of flexibility for many types of music or sound design." Read the full review here.

Holiday YouTube Contest with Sweetwater!

And it's live! Brian here at Music Marcom came up with the contest concept, and Anthony from Ten Second Songs executed extremely well! What a kick-ass contest (and yes, it's an ad, but a really fun one!) You, too, can win some awesome gear from #Sweetwater! Happy Holidays! took Voices of Soul for a test drive and finds it leaves nothing to be desired!

"In addition to the more than lavishly equipped sound processing and FX features, Voices of Soul has not compromised anything when it comes to the overall sound quality. The vocal samples of singer C.C. White are characterized by the highest sound quality and, above all, liveliness and authenticity. The soulful mood is evident in every instrument. Considering the variety of expressive possibilities coupled with the lush sound processing, Voices of Soul leaves nothing to be desired..." Read the full review here.

How UA gear and UAD plugins were used in the creation of the sound for Shadow of the Tomb Raider

“Since we owned a few Universal Audio Apollo interfaces (first gen Silver Faces, Black Faces, Twins and Twins MkII) with Unison preamps for a long time, we decided to put their Unison emulations to the test and to be honest, we couldn’t hear the difference between our Neve preamps through the Burl converter and the Neve Unisons through the Apollo converters on a 100+ tracks piece of music,” Cravo explains. “Maybe we would be able to if we did more scientific tests, with same sources, recorded at the same time with matched microphones, but in the real world, they sounded at least as good as the more expensive signal chain.” Once the team decided to go with the Apollo setup, they had the Apoll

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