Pro Sound Effects Releases Stallion Library

Expressive horse recordings from film sound innovators Ann Kroeber & Alan Splet Brooklyn, NY - Pro Sound Effects®, the next level sound effects library company, has released Stallion - the third exclusive library from their partnership with renowned recordist and film sound pioneer, Ann Kroeber. Stallion features an incredible variety of charismatic horse sound effects from thunderous gallops to subtle breaths and expressive vocalizations. Kroeber, along with her late partner Alan Splet, are celebrated for innovating the evocative use of sound effects in film. Many of the horse sounds in Stallionwere recorded while working on major feature films including The Black Stallion, The Horse Whispe

Performer Magazine Reviews Cloudlifter Zi

Chris Devine tests the Cloudlifter Zi for Performer Magazine: "All in all, the Cloudlifter might seem like a gimmick if you haven’t actually tried one yet, but it really helps get a decent tone right from the start even from cheaper gear, and will help tame any audio fuzziness or hazy frequencies that would normally “get fixed in the mix”. Its small form factor and simple controls make it perfect for a studio that may not have a great (or quiet) mic preamp available to do tonal shaping at the source." "Home studio users take note: if you want better recordings with your current setup, the Cloudlifter might just be the secret tool you didn’t even know you needed." Read full review here.

Mix Reviews Ehrlund EHR-T Dual Triangular Capsule Mic

Kevin Becks reviews the Edlund EHR-T Dual Triangular Capsule Condenser Microphones for Mix Magazine: "The EHR-T from Ehrlund uses a triangular-capsule design, a shape that seems to bring im- proved resonance and damping to this excellent transducer." "The EHR-T’s natural-sounding transients and excellent high-frequency reproduction made these instruments sound as you’d expect if you were standing in the room. This is not a small task with other mics, which may bring harshness, espe- cially at hotter levels." Read full review here.

Audient Announces New Audio Interface: iD44

NAMM Booth #10602, Anaheim, CA (January, 2018) – British manufacturer Audient raises the stakes once again with the release of its latest, and to date most powerful desktop audio interface, iD44, further cementing itself as a leading brand in the audio interface market. iD44 maintains a level of quality now expected from Audient, a company that strives to make professional gear available to a broader spectrum of creatives. Four Audient Class-A console mic pres offering 60 db of gain, all new class-leading converter technology, options for digital expansion, new intuitive, mix-focussed software specifically designed for ease of use when managing large sessions, an impressive potential I/O of

Music Tech Reviews EastWest MIDI Guitars

"The EastWest MIDI Guitar Series is firmly aimed at guitarists, and primarily those who haven’t also developed their keyboard skills to a reasonable level. If this is you, and you’ve been wanting to include sample instruments in your productions, then there really isn’t a better way of doing that right now than with the Fishman pickup and these EastWest sample libraries." Read Full Review Here.

Bass Player Reviews Cloudlifter Zi

Bass Player's Jonathan Herrera reviews the Cloudlifter Zi as a useful tool for both bass guitar players and home studio users: "Beautifully constructed in the U.S.; flexible tool for bass players and recording engineers alike; variable impedance and highpass filter offer interesting dimensions for tone shaping. The Zi is a great-sounding, slightly eccentric DI that’s especially useful for bass players who also moonlight as recording engineers." Read full review here.

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