HyVibe Audio Introduces The Smart Acoustic Guitar

Record, perform, compose and playback – all on the world’s first connected smart acoustic guitar Paris, France – HyVibe Audio, a sound technology company that uses vibration technology to create the purest possible sound from any object, announces the world’s first smart acoustic guitar. The HyVibe Guitar uses this proprietary vibration technology and a wireless Bluetooth connection to become its own connected speaker, multi-effect processor, recorder, and amplifier, without all the cables, amps, or pedals. “Acoustic guitar players have high standards for natural sound, but also want the features and flexibility of digital,” said Dr. Adrien Mamou-Mani. “We address these needs by using the na

TapeOp Reviews Ehrlund EHR-M

TapeOp Magazine reviews Ehrlund's EHR-M Condenser Microphone. "All-in-all. the EHR-M is a quality microphone that's almost certainly unlike anything else in the mic locker. If you're looking for something in the tradition of the classic German and Austrian condensers, this isn't it. But if you need a mic that excels at distanoe-mic'ng with focused, articulate rendering of extreme top and bottom (and are willing to embrace a somewhat unusuaL restrained midrange), the EHR-M is a worthwhile and intriguing listen!" See full review here.

Ultrasound Production Studios Upgrades To Heritage

“I love this console so much, I told [my dealer] to get ready for a second order” Hanover, MA – An ASP8024 Heritage Edition console has recently been installed at Ultrasound Production Studios, a commercial venture owned by John Hanna and Joe Clapp. Taking pride of place at the heart of the Massachusetts studio, the current Heritage replaced an ASP8024, which until then they were very happy with. “The Heritage has every upgrade I could ever want. It was like the designers read my mind. It was scary - I thought only my wife did that,” laughs John. Citing everything from the auxes to the dimensions: “I feel like I’m on a big board with this console, yet everything is right in front of me and a

The Blackbird Academy Foundations: Must Know Audio and Recording Principles

Montclair, NJ - The Blackbird Academy Foundations: Must-Know Audio and Recording Principles is designed to build your music engineering and audio production skills. The principles are directed at beginners to more advanced music creators, remixers, musicians, songwriters, singers, and those curious about what it takes to record, overdub, and mix quality music. Those who aspire to music, from ages 10 and up, will gain operational skills and understanding of basic to advanced recording concepts including: Signal flow Microphone recognition and advanced placement The keys to achieving great results when recording Essential analog and digital gear used in audio production Using a digital audio w

PSE Interviews Mark Mangini on the sound of Blade Runner 2049

Take an in-depth look at the creation process of Blade Runner 2049’s bold sonic universe with supervising sound editor Mark Mangini. The sound of Blade Runner 2049 is striking. Even non-soundfolk are likely to recognize the crucial role it plays throughout the expansive follow-up to Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi cult classic. Artfully sweeping from immersive to hyper-focused to nearly silent, the film’s stellar sound propels the viewer through a dystopian world feeling at once futuristic yet jarringly human. Leading the sound team was supervising sound editor Mark Mangini: winner of the 2016 Best Sound Editing Academy Award for Mad Max: Fury Road, and renowned audio post veteran with over 100 f

Al Schmitt On Using Microphones

First video course of the METAlliance Academy Series released at Groove3.com Montclair, NJ - Hal Leonard and the METAlliance® proudly present the first installment of the METAlliance Academy Series, a new video tutorial series featuring the collective knowledge of the famed METAlliance members. In the 16 videos encompassing this first course, titled Al Schmitt On Using Microphones, Groove3 subscribers can now learn directly from an engineer who has won 20 Grammys and has worked on over 150 gold and platinum records by such artists as Steely Dan, Toto, Natalie Cole, Quincy Jones, Diana Krall, Luis Miguel, Ray Charles, Chick Corea, DeeDee Bridgewater, and, finally, Paul McCartney in 2013. In A

Sound & Picture Feature PSE Cinematic Winds' Ann Kroeber

"From forceful to playful, from lonely to breezy, wind is the most expressive force of nature. Sound recordist Ann Kroeber spent three decades capturing the many voices of wind. She and her late husband, sound designer Alan Splet, trekked through deserts, jungles, and pine forests, climbed mountains, crawled into caves, wandered stretches of beach, and explored abandoned structures to capture interesting winds." Read full feature article here.

More Courses Added to Shortee's Complete DJing Method

Mixing with a Traktor Controller, Using CDJs, Mixing Vocal-Based Music Montclair, NJ - DJ Shortee has released four new courses to her series at Groove3.com. Shortee's Complete DJing Method now features new videos for beginning and intermediate DJs about learning to mix with a Traktor Controller, how to use CDJs and a mixer, and how to mix vocal-based music. Shortee's Complete DJing Method is the ultimate guide to becoming a well-rounded DJ. Currently, there are 17 courses available. The most recent additions are: The Complete Guide To Beginner DJ Mixing With A Traktor Controller The course covers essential skills to match beats and mix music using a Traktor controller, including manual ad

The Sound Architect Reviews PSE Odyssey

"Overall, The Odyssey Collection: Essentials is a vast and detailed collection of go-to sounds that would be perfect for anyone starting out or regularly working in audio. It is one library I have used where I can confidently depend on its content from the get-go." Read Full Review Here.

I Wrote That One, Too... A Life in Songwriting from Willie to Whitney

by Steve Dorff with Colette Freedman Montclair, NJ - One of the most successful songwriters and composers of the last 25 years, Steve Dorff has penned over 20 Top 10 hits for pop and country artists around the world, including Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Blake Shelton, Smokey Robinson, Kenny Rogers, Ray Charles, Anne Murray, Whitney Houston, George Strait, Dolly Parton, Judy Collins, Cher, Dusty Springfield, Ringo Starr, and Garth Brooks. He has scored for television shows, including Growing Pains, Murphy Brown, Murder She Wrote, and Reba, and several films, such as Any Which Way but Loose, for which he penned the titular song. Steve has now written his next hit, I Wrote That One, Too...

JingleMoney: The Essential Guide to Making Real Money Writing Jingles

Montclair, NJ - Walter R. Dailey's insight in the jingle industry is unparalleled. In this easy-to-read guide, he offers clear steps for earning hundreds of thousands of dollars making music for TV, radio, and online ads. Everything you need to know about getting started with writing music for commercials is in JingleMoney. This book includes: How to make jingles for well-known businesses Tips for starting with no or very little money A step-by-step action plan for getting started Insider knowledge about how the business actually works Entrepreneurial strategies for starting your own music business Ways to avoid costly mistakes A review of what you need to know about copyright This definitiv

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