GearSlutz Q+A with Brian Schmidt of GameSoundCon

"In advance of next month's big GameSoundCon, Brian Schmidt is going to hang with us for a few days and answer any questions you have about game audio - business, technical or creative! We're doing it here in this new immersive audio forum because the future of lots of high-end game sound is certainly going to be in this space." See Q&A here.

Hal Leonard Coverage in AES Dailies

Music Marcom garnered extensive coverage in the Dailies for multiple Hal Leonard products and events during the AES Show in New York City. See below for coverage. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Electronic Musician Reviews The New Electronic Guitarist

The New Electronic Guitarist, written by Marty Cutler and published by Hal Leonard Books, is reviewed in the November 2017 issue of Electronic Musician. "Yes, guitars and computers can play well together." Read review here.

Recording Review Ehrlund EHR-M

Recording Magazine's Paul Vnuk takes the Ehrlund EHR-M out for a test drive: "The verdict? This is a mic you need to hear for yourself, you really do. Sadly, I know that its clarity may scare off potential users, especially the vibe seekers, and that would be a mistake. Really! Demo one now, especially if you do anything with acoustic instruments of any kind. Six months ago I had never even heard of Ehrlund mies ... and now I am an Ehr-vongelist!" See full review here.

Streaming Media Review: Magix Vegas Pro 15

"This article continues our series of looks at alternative nonlinear editors from the perspective of a longtime Premiere Pro editor. In this article and video we'll explore Vegas Pro 15 from MAGIX." See Review Here.

Sound On Sound Reviews Cloudlifter Zi

Paul White takes a look at the latest Cloudlifter from cloud Microphones: "We’ve reviewed a number of ‘blue box’ Cloudlifter ‘mic activators’ before, and we’ve always been impressed by how they manage to add so much clean gain when placed after dynamic mics, particularly ribbon models. Power for these active boxes comes from the phantom power source of the mic input to which the Cloudlifter is connected, and on the simplest models there are no controls at all — you just plug in and it works. Note that no phantom power is passed through to the input, so Cloudlifters can only be used with dynamic microphones or mics that have their own power source. A later version of the Cloudlifter added var Excerpts "Electric Guitars Design & Invention" has posted an excerpt from Electric Guitars Design & Invention, a new book from acclaimed guitar author Tony Bacon, published by Hal Leonard. "Ulrich Teuffel is a guitar maker based in Neu-Ulm in southern Germany, about halfway between Stuttgart and Munich. His best-known guitar design is the Birdfish, which he has built since 1995 among his other models. The Birdfish looks nothing like a regular instrument, with its skeletal plated-aluminium frame and two wooden bars instead of a conventional body, a headless maple neck, and interchangeable pickups." Read full excerpt here.

EastWest MIDI Guitar Instrument Series on Harmony Central

"Fishman and EastWest's partnership has proven to be quite fruitful, giving guitarists easy access to a lot of very high quality sounds that work great with the TriplePlay system, and making them very comfortable for guitarists to use. Composers, arrangers, film scorers, producers, stage and studio musicians - anyone who plays guitar as their primary instrument who wants access to MIDI and modern sounds with the familiar interfacing of the guitar really needs to check out both the TriplePlay and the EastWest MIDI Guitar Volumes designed to work with it. The two make a great pair!" See full review here.

Music Connection Reviews Cloudlifter Zi

Barry Rudolph reviews the Cloudlifter Zi for Music Connection's October issue: "The Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-Zi Instrument/Mic Activator is a "must have" here in my studio and I think everyone should have at least one or two (for stereo)." See full review here.

Mix Reviews Soundelux USA U99

Brandon T. Hickey takes the new Soundelux USA U99 for a test drive for Mix Magazine: "Altogether, this microphone is the ulti- mate studio workhorse. It always produces a great-sounding recording and never gets subbed out once it goes up. It’s obviously a lot more a ordable than a vintage U67, and won’t give you that same fear or apprehen- sion when it comes out of the locker. With all of its settings, it also provides a much wider range of sounds than a U87, while coming in at a lower price tag. If you’re looking for a agship mic to build your locker around, this should certainly make your top ve. If it’s time to retire one of your Neumann clas- sics and you’re eyeing a young rookie for the


Montclair, NJ - Prettier than Poison, less hygienic than Mötley Crüe, deffer than Def Leppard, and braver than Bon Jovi, SPINAL TAP is THE greatest band EVER! They are better than those bands combined, times eleven-then multiplied by a million more and raised to the power of Hanoi Rocks plus Ratt. The numbers do not lie! Yes, when it comes to metal done heavy and loud, all you need are Hubbins, Tufnel and Small . . . and Shrimpton, Savage, Pepys, Childs, Pudding, etc. Now, for the very first time between non-satin sheets, SPINAL TAP: The Big Black Book offers fans the unique opportunity to dive deep into a cherished moment in time when all that mattered was a filthy power chord progression,

Media Alert: Two Must-See Hal Leonard Events at AES

Panel Discussion with the METAlliance & Pensado's Place Live New York, NY, AES 2017 - Visitors to the 143rd International AES Convention in New York will enjoy the many workshops, tutorials, and exhibits for audio professionals. Two events this year deserve a special notice: On Thursday, Oct. 19, at 9:30 am, Hal Leonard will proudly present "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Where We've Been, Where We Are, and Where We're Going," a live panel discussion featuring six founding members of the METAlliance, in room 1E14. Audio engineers and producers Chuck Ainlay, Ed Cherney, Frank Filipetti, George Massenburg, Elliot Scheiner, and Al Schmitt will discuss how their experiences influence their curr

American Songwriter Reviews Fishman/EastWest MIDI Guitar Package

"The reality is you’ll have a full orchestra on your guitar— horns, strings, woodwinds, ethnic instruments, keyboards, mallets, orchestral percussion—even choirs—are now at your fingertips! You’ll remarkably cut down the amount of time you need to realize and compose your tracks. And in a world where guitar-playing songwriters have longed to have their musical ideas sound like other instruments, the Fishman Triple Play, bundled with its included software and add-on EastWest libraries, offers an out-of-this-world value." Read full review here.

GameSoundCon Featured on iZotope Blog

GameSoundCon's Brian Schmidt is interviewed on iZotope's blog, exposing hundreds of thousands of music technology users to new opportunities in game sound. Read Interview Here.

Pro Sound News Reviews Cloudlifter Zi

Strother Bullins reviews the Cloudlifter Zi in the October issue of Pro Sound News: "In use, this “clean gain/lower noise” claim certainly proved to be true. Whether during recording or in live performances, stringed instru- mentalists using the CL-Zi absolutely loved it, too. In particular, acoustic musicians utilizing pickups claimed that it sounded “most natural,” and the HPF allowed them to dial in hot, tight signal to FOH." Read print review here. Read online review here.

Music Connection Reviews Cloudlifter Zi

Barry Rudolph takes the new Cloudlifter Zi out for a test in the October issue of Music Connection Magazine: "The Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-Zi Instrument/Mic Activator is a "must have" here in my studio and I think everyone should have at least one or two (for stereo)." Read full review here.

Sampling Techniques for Modern Musicians with Yeuda Ben-Atar

Montclair, NJ - Hal Leonard has released Sampling Techniques with Yeuda Ben-Atar, a new video course for Groove3 subscribers. In 14 tutorials, Yeuda Ben-Atar takes us into the always innovative, often revolutionary, sometimes controversial world of this now essential audio practice. From rote fundamentals - What is a sampler? How do we use a sampler? - to the broadest and most complicated questions - How do we sample musical instruments? What and when should we sample? - this course serves as a guided exploration of the diverse equipment and techniques, such as Sampling with Ableton's "Simpler" and advanced looping with "Sampler" Time stretching, voicing, and glide How to shape your samples

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