Cloud, Magix Coverage in July PSN

The July issue of Pro Sound News magazine contains announcements of the Cloudlifter Zi and Magix Sequoia 14. See coverage here.

Ulrich Wild adds ASP880 to The Wilderness

Los Angeles - American record producer, engineer and mixer Ulrich Wild - known for his work with Deftones, Slipknot and Limp Bizkit amongst many others - added an ASP880 to his private LA studio, The Wilderness last year, a purchase which has meant Audient’s mic pres have been part of his recording chain for just about everything he’s done over the last 12 months. In a recent interview, Audient asked Ulrich how the addition of the 8-channel mic preamplifier had been helpful. “The ASP880 is a great piece of gear. I needed to expand quickly and add a number of high quality mic-pre’s. I wanted to stay away from tubes and keep things punchy, and the ASP880 fit the bill,” he explained. “I’ve been

Hal Leonard Releases Scoring the Screen: The Secret Language of Film Music

Montclair, NJ - Today, musical composition for films is more popular than ever. In professional and academic spheres, media music study and practice are growing; undergraduate and postgraduate programs in media scoring are offered by dozens of major colleges and universities. And increasingly, pop and contemporary classical composers are expanding their reach into cinema and other forms of screen entertainment. Yet only a few books in the category of film music actually allow readers to see the music itself, while none of them examine landmark scores like Vertigo, To Kill a Mockingbird, Patton, The Untouchables, or The Matrix in the detail provided by Scoring the Screen: The Secret Language

Producer Trevor Lawrence Jr. Touts UAD on Sonic Scoop

Music Marcom facilitated an interview with producer Trevor Lawrence Jr. for Sonic Scoop. Here is an excerpt on his use of UAD products: "I’ve been there since the beginning right since the beginning when Universal Audio came out with the first Apollo. The gear was changing and I could sense the flow, like, “Wow I don’t have to have all these cards, and they have all these plugins but it doesn’t weigh down my computer?” That was the main game right there. I thought that was genius. And when the Twin came out me and all my guys that worked with me and Dre at the time all had them, because we work off laptop rigs and you’re constantly back and forth to home to the studio, and we travel to Hawai

Audient Launches Online Video Tutorial Hub

Herriard, UK - To complement the recent unveiling of ARC Creative Hub, which gives new and existing customers access to a comprehensive range of free software, the Audient introduces a new online Tutorial Hub containing general advice on recording, mixing, mastering and technology in different music genres, and helpful tips for users of specific Audient products. “No matter what your experience, there is always something new to learn, especially from the likes of top music producers Cenzo Townshend and Ulrich Wild, or pro musicians Ash Soan and Cody Stewart,” says marketing manager Andy Allen, who is spearheading the launch of Audient’s online Tutorial Hub today. Audient has gathered togethe

Hal Leonard Releases The Invisible Line: When Craft Becomes Art

Seven West Coast artisans and luthiers show why their instruments are on par with the world's art masterpieces Montclair, NJ - What distinguishes art from craft? Since the traditional answer skews utilitarian and hinges on an object's 'use value,' musical instruments are typically grouped with the latter category. This is a grave oversight. In The Invisible Line: When Craft Becomes Art, seven West Coast artisans discuss their work and make the case for curatorial inclusion of instruments (and other "primitives") alongside the finest sculptures, etchings, paintings, and pastels the world's museums have to offer. Conceived and edited by Larry Robinson, the man behind The Art of Inlay: Design

Pro Sound Effects Releases "Industrial Sounds With Soul" Library

Featuring recordings from film sound pioneers used in award-winning game INSIDE BROOKLYN, NY - Pro Sound Effects®, the next level sound effects library company, today released Industrial Sounds with Soul. Featuring unique recordings of roaring factory ambience, hypnotic oscillating rhythmic machinery, metallic clanks, clicks, ticks and more, Industrial Sounds with Soul is a special collection recorded and designed by film sound legends, Ann Kroeber and Alan Splet. The variety, quality, and expressive character captured in this library will spark creative inspiration for sound professionals in film, television, game audio, music production and beyond. Kroeber and Splet spent decades working f

The New Electronic Guitarist

New Technologies and Techniques for the Modern Guitar Player by Marty Cutler Montclair, NJ - Although we live in an age of innovation and disruption, many folks are content using new technologies to consume rather than create-especially musicians. Case in point: for many guitarists, the notion of electronic enhancement starts at their instrument's output jack (or mic) and ends at their amp. Such myopia comes at a price, as Guitar Gods do not live on chops alone... "For those willing to dig a little deeper, the digital-guitar connection opens doors to a truley mind-boggling wealth of new tone colors, rhythms, compositional and learning tools, collaboration, and so much more," says Marty Cutle

Audient Unveils ARC - The Creative Hub

Herriard, UK - Audient has teamed up with some of the industry’s leading innovators, including Eventide, Steinberg, LANDR and Producertech to offer a comprehensive selection of free creative software for all Audient customers, available in the new creative hub, ARC which launches today. As a reward for simply registering a product on the Audient website, new and existing customers are given access to a range of free software designed to provide a solution for recording, mixing, mastering and even education - absolutely free of charge. “The concept behind ARC is not only to add value for our customers, but also to provide high-end software products that producers or musicians of any ability c

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