Soundelux USA Releases U195 Microphone

Receives TEC Award Nomination for its quality, versatility and value AES, Los Angeles – Soundelux USA has released the U195 cardioid fet P48 microphone. Based on the original Soundelux U195 in production from 1996-2006, and the Bock 195 in production from 2007-2014, the Soundelux USA U195 features a new improved k67 capsule while maintaining the famously innovative “FAT” switch low-frequency control and it's unparalleled massive output transformer. The U195 is a versatile phantom-powered single, low-noise, wide-band fet mic coupled with Soundelux USA's new super smooth k67 capsule. Add to this a classic, massive output transformer along with a unique “FAT” switch, and you have the ultimate

The Drum Recording Handbook, 2nd Edition

The must-have resource for serious hobbyists & bedroom producers Montclair, NJ - Drums are the foundation of just about any kind of music, and a great drum sound is essential to a great recording, but that sound can be elusive. The Drum Recording Handbook, Second Edition, uncovers the secrets of making amazing drum recordings, even using the most inexpensive gear. When asked why he wrote this book, author and producer Bobby Owinski answers: "There are lots of books and courses that give you tips on drum miking, but they always approach it from the standpoint of a pro... This book takes a different approach. It assumes that you don't have the resources of a pro and that you have the barest of

The Complete Guide to DJ Basics with a Serato Controller

Now available on – for beginners, intermediate DJs, and seasoned veterans Montclair, NJ – In this new 16-tutorial video course, world-renowned DJ Shortee teaches all the essential DJ basics using a Serato DJ controller. Even though the Numark NVII is getting special attention, this course is structured so that DJs can easily learn using any Serato controller. DJ Shortee shows aspiring DJs how to handle the platters, various ways to cue up songs, three different ways to listen using headphones, how to identify the beat, and how to become a better listener to isolate the drum sounds within any music. She teaches the two most important scratches for DJing manually with the platters,

FXpansion Releases BFD Metal Snares

Snares with impact & character LONDON, UK: Audio software developer FXpansion, now part of the leading music technology company ROLI, are pleased to announce the availability of BFD Metal Snares - a collection of premium metal-shell snare drums for BFD3. “The snare drum is the center of the beat and it can make or break a song,” said FXpansion sound designers Drew Vernon and Mike Bugh. “The drums we chose are made by manufacturers like Sonor and Pearl that are renowned for metal snares that really stand out in a mix.” Each snare drum was recorded with 2 top mics, 1 bottom mic and 1 side mic, along with mono room, ribbon room, and far room ambience channels. Two additional stereo reverb chan

New Course from The Blackbird Academy Foundation Series: Mic Choices & Placement

New online video tutorial available exclusively at MONTCLAIR, NJ - Hal Leonard has released a new installment of The Blackbird Foundation Series at Groove3: Mic Choices & Placement. Taught by The Blackbird Academy Co-Director and Instructor Kevin Becka, this new course covers the essential information need to choose and place the right microphone to get a great sound at the source. The course is broken up into 9 easy-to-digest tutorials, each not longer than 5 minutes, ideal for learning throughout the day when time allows. Topics include: Microphone features: phantom power, front and side address, on- and off-axis Frequency Response & Directionality: polar patterns and how they

Music Producer's Handbook Excerpt on DIY Musician

Music Marcom placed the article "7 things that could sink your songs: beware of these bad songwriting habits!" on CD Baby's popular blog, DIY Musician. The article is an excerpt from Bobby Owinski'd new book The Music Producer’s Handbook. See blog post here.

EASTWEST PLAY 5: The Fastest, Most Powerful Version To Date

Plus, PLAY 5 is bundled with an impressive amount of high-end bonus production tools Hollywood, CA (September 12, 2016) - EastWest proudly announces the 5th version of PLAY, boasting a major performance upgrade. PLAY 5 is the fastest version to date with dramatically improved load times thanks to an optimized engine. "This is a massive upgrade to the PLAY engine," says Doug Rogers, founder and producer of EastWest. "Power users in particular will appreciate the special optimization settings for SSDs and PCIe-based flash storage. We're really proud of the improvements we were able to make." Click for high-resolution picture PLAY 5 also includes an impressive array of professional audio proces

WestLake Pro Cover Story in Music Inc.

Music Marcom secured a cover story for our retail client, Westlake Pro, which appears in the September issue. Adjieff and Taupier have big plans for Westlake Pro’s future, which includes increasing its Web-based sales, as well as its house of worship and restaurant installations. “We have the cream of the crop when it comes to our clients,” Taupier said. “We work with some extremely talented people that we are fortunate enough to call our customers and friends. We are very fortunate that they have brought us to where we are today. And our employees, not just the sales staff, but our whole team — operations, marketing and warehousing — are phe- nomenal. We have a great team, and they are all

EVE Audio User Featured in Electronic Musician

Stewart Adam, and audio restoration and mastering engineer, is featured the September issue of Electronic Musician touting his SC208 monitors. "It's not only the low end of the SC208s that Adam appreciates; it's the reproduction from the ribbon tweeters. 'I find they have very smooth high end on them'." See coverage here.

ROLI extends leadership in music technology innovation by acquiring FXpansion, a sound and software

ROLI will continue development of FXpansion products, as it integrates technologies to create musical instruments of the future London — Music technology leader ROLI has acquired FXpansion, the renowned maker of software instruments, as it accelerates development of the musical instruments of the future. London-based FXpansion adds a vast collection of sounds and effects to ROLI’s growing ecosystem of music creation tools. The Seaboard, ROLI’s touch-responsive instrument that is acclaimed as “the future of the keyboard,” will now be developed alongside FXpansion’s virtual instruments including BFD3, the world’s largest collection of acoustic drum sounds, and Strobe2, the analogue-modelled so

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